Added cards for the world’s best mathematicians as collectibles

I was trying to think of a way to get even more “mathy” in Mathogen. So I decided to add in 9 of the world’s most famous mathematicians over time. I’ve selected: Euclid, Sir Isaac Newton, and Achimedes. You’ll need to unlock the rest of them to find out who they are. Each correct answer… Continue reading Added cards for the world’s best mathematicians as collectibles

Working on cards

I’m working on getting the cards to show famous mathematicians. I made a list of the top 10 mathematicians of all time. Today I am going to work for 1 hour to get the cards working. I’ll post my progress here.

Just posted the newest version in Play

Just finished exporting the newest version of Mathogen to WebGL. I rewrote the entire app in the Unity game engine. You can play it for free here while I develop it:

Tracking mouseup and mousedown in Matter JS

Ok so I finally got the mouse events to trigger in the console. I can now report back that I can observe mouse state. The next step is to get the body from the mouseConstraint. Here’s the mouseconstraint code that’s working for me:

Coming for you mouse constraints!

So I made a big breakthrough today. I got the mouse constraints kind of working. Kind of, in that I updated the mouse constraints code but I still can’t get the body out of the mouseConstraint.

One hour development sprint

Ok so I wanted to do something different tonight for development. I’m going to make some predictions – how many things can I get accomplished tonight? I believe that I will do the following tonight: Make the ball bigger Make touch respond to show which ball I have selected by turning it red after touch… Continue reading One hour development sprint