Picking a javascript framework for the project

I’m going to write Mathogen in HTML5 so it can be played on any browser. Making it available on as many devices as possible in 2020.

Instead of writing my own physics library for the game, I need to use a video game framework (a bunch of code that someone else wrote) to make the game fast.

Here are the Top 3 Javascript frameworks I’m considering:


When I look for libraries I want to be sure that the code is understandable. So I looked at this sample code from one of the matter.js examples:

It looks rather simple – adding the world code looks to bbe what I would expect it to look like. But I don’t want to make any decisions until I check on all of them.


Dang, the listed motivations for the “cross-platform HTML5 game develiopment rewrite” has all of my attention.

“Readable and maintainable Javascript code” is exactly what I’m looking for.

Kripen’s port of box2d

The readme on kripen’s box2d looks intimidating. The options to compile the code myself make me question how easy the library actually is to use.

Right now I’m leaning toward using matter.js because the home page is tottemo kawaii. Closing the browser on Kripen’s port.

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